Some chakra problems

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  1. I'm an energy worker (a beginner) and I did a chakra meditation the other day, just to see hoe my chakras were doing, and well, they aren't doing to good. Here are their statuses.

    A third of my Muladhara chakra is missing.
    My Svadhisthana chakra appears to be spinning very slowly for some reason.
    My Manipura chakra appears to be alright.
    My Anahata chakra isn't an emerald green like it should be, but is an olive sickly green.
    My Vishuddha chakra appears to be clouded for some reason.
    My Ajna chakra seems alright.
    My Sahasra chakra doesn't even seem to be there.

    Do any other energy workers/experienced chakra people have any idea on how to remedy these problems?
  2. Puff some cannabis. It aligns the chakras.
  3. Actually, no, I dislike Naruto for using Chakras.

    Here, this is actually fairly accurate, read up.
    Chakra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. I don't have any advice for you, as I'm a beginner myself. How did you come up with this evaluation?
  5. and how did you come about these observations? This probably isn't the best forum to post on about it either, not a whole lot of people active or knowledgeable in this area.
  6. I've done several chakra meditations, and they all ended with the same observations about these chakras. Maybe, I should find a more specific place to ask for advice about this. Thanks for trying guys!

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