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Some bud and a blunt.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by northernwidow, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Heres a picture i just snapped of some new bud and a nice little peach game rillo.

  2. are those the games that come in that tin-foil like wrapper?? where did you get them ive been looking i can only get regular vinellia or honey but i had one in that wrapper and it was amazing..
  3. Very nice photography man!
  4. yeah they're the cigarillos, they come in reclosable foil 2 packs. i got em at exxon here in florida... first i've seen them, i just moved down here.

    thanks decrim
  5. ^^Do you live in the Jersey Shore or florida, because I go see the allmans every summer down in Camden when I go on vacation to either Wildwood or Ocean City. Idk I just thought because of your av/sig it seemed like you were into that kinda music.
  6. wow, i'll be the first to say NICE BUD!
    the blunt is really nice as well, i love games.
  7. nice looking funk sir. do you know the strain? and how much did it run you?
  8. screve... not sure on a strain, i pay 50 for an 8th... its awesome because it was the first connect i found down here.

    maiden... i live at the jersey shore... i came down to FLA to live with my pops until the season picks up there so I could work. I went to see allman bros and bobby two years ago... unfortunately I missed it this year... I was across the river watching pepper and slightly stoopid with my girlfriend. You can be sure I'll be at phish in camden and most of the PA/NJ dead shows though.

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