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Some blunt weed!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MFred420, May 6, 2011.

  1. Yo, fuck all these kids hatin' on your prices, Fred, I'd smoke that all damn day.
  2. Let em hate :smoke:

  3. lolwut Droid X has an 8mp camera thats amazing :eek:
  4. if they hate then let em hate :smoke:

  5. It might be 8MP but its an above average camera at best
  6. Ouch, 50 for 8 grams. You need to come to texas.
  7. Stop complaining about the damn prices!

    I can't do anything to change the prices in my area

    Id rather be spending 50 for 8gs of this instead of 35-45 for a skimpy qtr or bobby brown

    Heres a few more buds I picked up over the lst couple months from the same dude and price...




  8. Not bitchin at prices we're just making a statement. But hell yeah I agree better to get decent quality weed for cheap, than real good stuf for expensive. Those seconds buds lookin real goo though
  9. At 50 for 8 grams, i would think its worth getting a quarter of the good for a 100.
    But im just in my Texas frame of mind I guess.

    It sucks when regs get marked up because they aren't brown and seedy.

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