Some blades hate on other blades

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  1. I've been on the city for quite some time.the posts I make I try to be helpful.then when I do other blades treat me like a noobie. I'm nothin of the sorts. I love smokin then comein on here but lately I've been treated bad and what I'd like to know is why won't blades smoke and not flame other stoners.

    Example I posted in the seasoned toker section and I truest to help another blade with him traveling to LA and wanted to know if there's any good clubs and a mod said if I don't live in that area don't give info he closed the thread...I would of said I did live there..where's the respect:(
  2. I love how you don't tell the ENTIRE story dude.

    YOU said that clubs are being shut down in LA. Dude - I LIVE in LA, I can tell you not a single club in my area has shut down so far. The City Council ban doesn't even take effect until 30 days after it's officially published, and THEN they have to send letters to the offending clubs ordering them shuttered. Since the ordinance has yet to be officially published, AND there are several other legal matters happening, such as GLACA trying to get a referendum issued so the voters can weigh in...clubs aren't shutting down. Maybe a few here and there are, but the half dozen or so in a 5 mile radius of my house are still around.

    Also the thread in of itself was against our rules - we do not allow threads on gaming the MMJ system. Coming to LA from another state and trying to get MMJ is considered gaming the system. Our system doesn't recognize recommendations from other states. I wish it did, but it doesn't.

    So the thread got closed because it was against the rules, not what you stated.

    Maybe I could have been more polite, I will admit that I'm not always as nice as I would like to be...but some subjects really stick in my craw, and gaming the MMJ system is in the top 3.

  3. My great grandparents live in la I agree there are clubs in la but when I went there I had a bit of trouble on geting my meds I had to use a delivery service.I completely and absolutely hate the people that use the mmj system as a Meens of profit.i help the people of my town that have Recs and that are disabled or just cant get to the dispencery.I strongly believe that cannibis is a medicineand will I don't try to flame I try to stay calm in the city I don't intend to provoke you in any just extremely medicated most of the time lol my thinkings a bit impaired
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    Yeah. This forum needs to undergo another major overhaul. And not be so PC. Not quite on topic completely as I mean mod to user interaction. We are all adults, we need to be 18+ to be a member here. They need to loosen up on some stuff. Okay, no racism. I understand. No talk of otherdrugs, again I understand. But I've gotten an infraction for calling people(not even fellow blades, just people in general) sheep. I've also gotten an infraction for calling other stupid. When they clearly said something with substantial stupidity. They need to let us act like adults, currently we are treated like children. Whatever. I am your martyr GC. A forum about a drug that is not completely legal anywhere in the world. Yet we get an infraction for calling others stupid(well, no. Just me. Just like the US goverment the mods fucking fear me. They know my power).
  5. Calling another member "stupid" is disrespectful. Adults should be able to get their point across without throwing insults around.
  6. [quote name='"junkiedays"']Calling another member "stupid" is disrespectful. Adults should be able to get their point across without throwing insults around.[/quote]

    Idk sometimes I feel like saying it .... Haha

    But yea it's kinda interesting debating something without calling eachother names directly ......

    Op you very lil post count ....... And if you live in stockton you have no idea what's going on in la ......

    You're Lucky you even got a response from a ...
  7. there does seem to be some haters on here, best thing to do quit replying to them or report them if they break rules
  8. its all a respect issue.. thats where i get into shit, cause i kid around and it gets taken the wrong way.. oh well, it is what it is.. people are sensitive.
  9. Lol its just the internet, carry on with your life.

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