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Some big fat nugs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Paul420MW, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Got these fat nugs all weigh 12-15g's no name dank. Thanks for looking...
  2. definitely some fire! good pickup man! enjoy
  3. hell yeah man... nice pickup fosho!!
  4. Those nugs are royalty lol.
  5. Doesn't smoke as good as it looks, this stuff is straight up commercial.
  6. paulie - "Doesn't smoke as good as it looks, this stuff is straight up commercial. \t"
    give it two weeks curing in a mason jar, you'll notice the difference, it's pretty beautiful though for sure.

  7. No it was quick dried....Waiting two weeks in a jar won't do shit, besides I made it all into oil anyways...
  8. Congratulations bro!! Lol

  9. Crazy, I wouldn't dare bust up those beautiful nugs for oil unless I had plenty of backup weed. But hey oil is always good times to, any pics of your finished product?
  10. Smoked most of it already lol

  11. Nice pickup man, & that hash is legit.. enjoy :)
  12. Thanks for the compliments, the hash is pretty good despite the weed being meh...

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