Some beginner questoins? (water, ventilation, etc.)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by monexpos272001, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. Im sick of paying so much of my working money for weed, so I decided to start growing some of my own. I am 18 and need to watch out so my parents don't find out. I am thinking about putting the plants in this part of my basement. I consider my attic cause we don't go have an attic and its where we keep all our old stuff. If someone were to go in there, I still think that they wouldn't be able to find it cause I'm gonna keep it in the corner that really isnt visible unless you really walk in to it. So I started to germinate these seeds my friend gave to me by putting them inbetween paper towels. I recently purchased 400 HPS light. (Not the cheapest thing in the world). Will this be enough light for my plants? Should i by like a big cardboard box to put my plants into so my parents wont see or should i be fine? Now for some newb questions. I've read to get some advice. I still have some questions. How often and how much water should I put into my pots? Secondly, the room that im putting the plants in gets as much ventilation as the rest of my rooms in my house. Will this be enough or do I need to purchase fans? And lastly, what fertilizer should i buy? How much and how ofter should I use it? I really would appreciate any advice that you people have to offer.
  2. welll... this isnt going to be easy, since you need to give your plants lots of care. Light is a big thing (my seedlings i run an 18/6 hour plan, 18 on, 6 off) you would want to keep the light about 18-24 inchs from your plants. Putting a box around it could work, if you have a big enough box, but you dont want to start a fire either, plus running this light can raise your electricity bill up kinda noticable. Ventilation needs to be contant, 24 hours a day. fresh air is a must, and in an attact, it could work, which also brings in another topic, enviroment, these plants require a very tight temperature medium, which depends on the strain... so.... i'd keep going but i have run... ill finish tomorrow, peace...
  3. Thanks for the info. Can't wait till you finish. Another question to ask. I'm not going to be growing that many plants, no more than 8 or 9. Is a 400 HPS light too much, well I know people say you cant have too much light. My friend says he will buy the light off of me for the price I paid for it. Should I do it, and then buy 1 or 2 70 HPS lights. Thanks again for your info.
  4. yeah... i think that your light isnt enough. you do know that weed can grow up to 3 feet, like a small bush, which also depends on strain... so make sure that you dont crowd the box you need lots of space for 9 fully grown plants, and enough light to cover all the plants fully, so one 400 watt light i dont think will work enough, not that you dont have enough light juice, but enough to cover it all. for 9 full plants maybe 3 200 watt lights covering 3 seperate boxes, you'll be cranking crazy amounts for power, and your parents will notice the increase.... food.... hell you have to find the right raio that you need to mix it with.... plus you have to measure ph levels... which is really complicated to figure out and adjust.... there are many posts in the site about it.... your looking at a really big project and i hope that this helps... cause your into alot.... but remember that 9 plants where, and each plant producing about 20 grams of bud, your looking at alot of weed.... have fun.... and ememver thatif you start now, you could be ready near the beginning of summer.... have a blast.....

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