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Some bastard stole my cell phone

Discussion in 'General' started by SugarcroN, May 22, 2004.

  1. What should I do?!
  2. call ur cell provider up and report it stolen ASAP. some kid stole my cousin's cell and he didn't report it stolen... next month his bill was $1300!

  3. yup, report it and hope you had insurance on it!
  4. Well it turns out noone stole it. I left it in my friends car.... and some bad news.. At around 1 pm est today his car spun out and hit a pole. He died instantly, along with my phone. RIP luke.
  5. Sorry about your friend.

    Good aussie karma coming to you and your friends family.
  6. Yea dude this shit sucks. I was always tellin him that old 89 buick le saber would get him killed, especialy the way he drives dude. I just cant belive it.
  7. some luke that doesn't post on this board, not luke from our forums, right?

  8. sorry to hear about your friend, Luke.

    and your cell phone, those things are expensive.
  9. naw not luke on the fourm. Anyways thanks for the karma dudes. Its gettin to be some really tough times.
  10. man you gonna get through it seems like life is shit but its all gonna be good....smokin up for you and your friend and his family.......

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