Some basic concepts (not entirely serious)

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    Bigot: My farts have an interesting flavour, yours are disgusting.
    Hypocrite: I don't fart, and yours are disgusting.
    Post modernist: All farts are equal.
    Self destructive post modernist: My farts are disgusting, yours have an interesting flavour.
    Totalitarian: Only my farts are allowed. And they are perfect. With a superior flavour.
    Ignorant: Whos farts smell again?
    Socialist: All farts are equal, but some more than others.
    Capitalist: All can fart, but mine are successfull.
    Political Correct pundit: We can all fart, but only the interesting flavour ones should be let out.
    Moralist: Farting in others company is bad, mkay. Stop it already.
    Liberalist: Fart to your ass content. Fart fart fart fart. Let that fart go!!!!
    Racist: Is it a sneaky or loud one. Don't like loud ones, never mind the smell!
    Nazi: We have ways to make you fart!

    Sorry, too much beer, and, well, farting :p As a liberalist with bigot tendencies :D
  2. Capitalist: All can fart, but i'm only going to smell the ones who protect consumer and worker interests.
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    Comunist: some fart, some don't, but everyone can smell them
  4. Capitalist Liberalist! :)
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    Centrist: Whether these farts breeze more towards the left cheek or the right cheek, they come out of the same asshole.
  6. Green Party: Your farts are allowed as long as they don't damage the environment.
  7. Voluntarism- You can fart as long you share with the others.
  8. HAHAHA this has got to be the winner!!!

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