Some badass Bird shots...

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    Went to a buddy's farm today and took a couple shots of a few Emus:

    All animals shown are kept as pets! :hello:




    If the birds weren't tame...these feet could slice you right open!

    Breeding season!
    (Yes in the winter!)

    This could feed a family of four as a breakfast egg...

    We are ~1 week young:

    Well and @ the last pic I found out how to resize
  2. are osterich eggs delicous?? i only like delicious food

  3. They are Emu eggs, not Ostrich.

    Either Birds try taking their eggs...and if you do so let me know so I can have my camera
  4. awesome. Why were there 8 of these threads last night? :p

  5. I have no clue...

    I had posted only one - this one.
  6. Nice pics man, emus are really a spectacular animal.

    I like the baby ones too haha cool markings on their "fur"

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