Some bad news for Washington State medical patients.

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    Our Supreme Court has ruled that possessing a Medical Marijuana card does not prevent you from being arrested, searched OR prosecuted for having and smoking it. They voted that it only allows patients to plea a Medical Marijuana defense in court, but it will be fully up to the jury to decide whether the person is guilty and whether that person's condition warrants them the right to use medical marijuana.

    Very...very lame. This makes Sensible Washington's initiative to get legalization on November's ballot more important than it already was.
  2. that seems very ridiculous.. but doesn't this supreme court ruling leave open the possibility of a non mmj license holder to argue with a doctors testimony that they use it for medicinal properties... so really the whole MMJ thing is worthless now.. if it is up to the jury and not the doctors to decide who uses what medicinally??
  3. yeah the whole situation is horseshit and is just another example of the government running roughshod over the will of the people....
  4. I understand the point of view of the people who decided this.

    It's one out of ignorance, least not hate.

    Again, just another motivation that we have to get that initiative passed.
  5. Oh so the jury gets to decide what is considered medical use. I love our leaders and all the sense and good decisions they make....Europe here i come, there's little hope left here.

    edit: eh, Breckenridge is closer

  6. I know this is such bullshit.

    The only people who testified at that hearing in favor of this view were cops. Since WHEN DO THE PEOPLE WHO ENFORCE LAWS GET TO DECIDE THEM. Why is my state so fucking retarded that they let a jury of 12 random people decide if the medical use of marijuana is ok in this case.? What the fuck washington state supreme court!
  7. wow that's completely stupid but still its a step further to being legalized!!!
  8. Allowing an affirmative defense means that the Court recognizes a legitimate use for marijuana. While it isn't all blunts in the streets like we all dream it will be some day, that's about the biggest step you can take in the right direction without actually making it there.
  9. No, no it's not. Did you even read the article?
  10. This is actually a good point. This type of ruling takes the power away from doctors and pretty much hands it to juries. With more than 50% of people favoring legalization this actually could be beneficial if someone takes a stand and it holds up.

  11. Yeah but all it takes is to get a jury with the majority who are against it and BOOM, we could have a legitamate medical patient being prosecuted and punished which is insane in a state that voted for medical marijuana.
  12. but this is very un-clear to me.. either this ruling means that all marijuana cases will be held in front of a jury, or only medical marijuana cases will be in front of a jury.. in the former case, they mine as well repeal MMJ then.. in the latter case, they mine as well repeal MMJ then...

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