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  1. this is my clone hopefully my mother also. she and her 2 sister whom have been moved to 12/12 are i believe my mystery strain from greenhouse. i assume anyway i also have church going but on to the question. this picture was taken tonight before i watered. she and her sisters are just about every 2 days needing water. and when i say needing i mean limbs down at their sides. like its been a week since they last were watered. i am at a loss other than a lack of humidity is only idea i have as to what is wrong. i thought it might be cold cuz of ac unit that is in flower room to try and keep temps down until i can get my can fan with scrubber 2 weeks i hope lol anyway any help will be appreciated. also any idea of strain would be lovely. not sure if the batch seeds arrived in were during them color coating the seeds but little vile mystery seed was in was white. anyway stoned and rambling thanks in advance

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    well, I am stoned too, and I have no idea what you're trying to ask.

    but ill say this, I grow hydro weed but all my legal plants are soil and you only water them when the soil is dry, and then you water the fuck out of them until its pouring out the bottom (at least 20% of what you put in).

    That should fix it if its a watering thing.

    Also, I grow #1 skunk and she can be a little dramatic at times with the leaves, doesnt mean she's in bad shape necessarily, hope that helps.
  3. You need to get her into a bigger pot. She's drinking a ton of water b/c her rootmass has probably nearly filled that one, you need to get her into a 5gal bucket so that you're not choking her roots, and you'll have plenty of soil to hold water and slow feed the plant on the days you aren't watering. Basically whatever volume of plant material you see above ground, the plant has the same mass in roots below ground. Thusly if you think the amount of plant that you see would fill it's container; it's time to move to a bigger pot.
  4. Yea, I always forget about that when talking with soil guys. Gotta have a big ass pot or they get root bound. :smoke: :wave: we need a :thumbsup: emoticon

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