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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Unknown420, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. OK, so heres the piece.... Will try post the White Russian later,,, xD

    I still think this needs more doing to it... Any suggestions? :smoking:

  2. Just got some Amnesia Cheese... Will post up some pics later, if anyways still reading lol... xD :smoking:
  3. mooreeee art plz. diggin alot of these..i like the lil border/trim things alot hah, and the style oddly reminds me of castle crashers hah..ima go play that now.

    but yes more please when you got umm :)

  4. Cheers man, working on more now... Got this Amnesoa Cheese shit... Its real similar Buds to Amnesia Haze, was a bit sticky when I got it but nice and dry, sticky in the centre now.... lol :smoke::D

    Oh Yeah and it probably looks like Castle Crashers becuase I'v been using the same Programme to draw most of these as Castle Crashers was origionally created on, Flash CS3, CS4
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    Hey Heres a new piece just finished it, took me around 1 hour... I'm pretty blazed off that Amnesia Cheese, real nice mellow high, got a nice state of well being as well =) :smoke:

    Hope you guys like this anyways.... :D


    Hers anouther 4... lol

    And heres a more rugged sketchy version xD

    I also made a logo version of this.... lol

    Heres a small piece, was really trying to show the leaves being blown
    from the tree... not sure if it worked?
  6. And also just made a new sig... should be undernieth this lol.... :smoke::D
  7. i gotta say i'm baked and rollin pretty hard and i must say your artwork is really fucking mind stimulating like i would see stories unfold as i looked over them thank you so much lololol

    i love it, truly amazing stuff man, keep it up.

  8. HAHA thanks man, virtually all of it is done whilst very baked, and i do try to make them into something you can kind of look back at and see something slightly different...

    I'v just got quite a bit of Bud in... Hers a few pics of what i'm smoking... :smoke::D


    Some Blueberry, real nice energetic high, gave me some badass munchies. Nice full taste, real nice to exhale.


    Blueberry again.


    Just some stuff my mate braught round yesterday to smoke while we waited on the Amnesia Cheese...


    This had some nice tasty red hairs on, its called Cheesus....


    This had some nice crystals on, rolled this nug up into a phat spliff, went down very nicely. :smoke:


    Some nice bong hits prepared... :D


    Sorry about the poor photo quality of this one, the photo absolutely doesnt do the Bud justice, this shit was covered in crystals, strain name: Chickera, when exhaled it tickled your throat real cerebral high, some very potent shit. :smoke:


    This shit was called Cheesus, it absolutely stank, real skunky smell but also slight smell of liqorice.... tasted like some dankity dank ass bomb shit, was very nice.

    Heres some pics of the Buds...



    A couple of Spliffs....



    A lot more Pictures to come, thats only some... :smoke:

    Peace V :D
  9. this thread is pretty cool you have funky style man i totally dig the artwork
  10. my eyes exploded too much bud amazingness can't see wtb typist

  11. Thanks Man, a lot more pics to come yet...

    HAHA, I'm just waiting on White Russian now.... lol :smoke:
  12. Hey, if anyones still reading.... lol

    Waiting on some some more Buds now, gonna have a morning smoke then start drawing a new piece (gota be high to draw ey), which I'll post up today along with some Bud pictures xD ...

  13. Heres a new piece... Just finished it, got some new Buds, can't remember the name im too ripped but its damn good shit! :smoke::D

    Will post Bud pics soon... xD

  14. woah man,
    im digging the 14th one down of you.
  15. [​IMG][/QUOTE]
    makes me think of, "i got a big head.. and little arms.." lol

  16. Thanks Man, might make some more of those.... I'll make one for you if you give me a pic of you with the smoke etc or w/e to go off..? :smoke::D

    I'm just really trying to build up a portfolio so any inspiration is good....

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