some advices for a first time grower

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  1. hello guys
    i'd like to ask about some stuff in growing
    i bought 2 seeds (white widow fem) from seedsman and i probably killed one of them (the root tip was removed)
    so i'm left with only one :(
    no place for mistakes
    here is the seed left (guess it looks good)
    it's in a paper towel now ,should i keep it there ? or should i put it in dirt right away ?
    how deep should i put it ?
    should i keep the soil container in the sunlight before it grows ? (i'll sure keep it wet)
    should i put the seed in a big container or stick with a small one then move it to a bigger one ?
    is it bad to move it alot ? (the whole container)
    from the sunlight to my closet at night ? atleast in the veg stage
    can my closet be too hot with 2 CFL in it 85w and only one small fan blowing air out ?
    here is the seed

    thanks :D
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    Put it in the dirt about 1/2" down and keep moist but not wet.
    It doesn't matter whether you put it in sunlight or not - it's not exposed to light until it sprouts anyway.
    Always start in a small container with plenty of perlite in your medium. It promotes fast growth because of oxygen to the root zone.
    If you're concerned about the temperature - I suggest a thermometer/hygrometer.
    It doesn't matter if you move the plant from outdoors to indoors.
    I hope you're getting more lights if you plan on flowering indoors.
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  3. thanks for your reply
    is 5 galon pot too big ?
    for light i'll get 3 more 30w CFL hope it's enough
    should i put marbles in the bottom of my pot ?
  4. Starting in a small pot doesn't mean a 5 gallon pot - it means a solo cup for at least the first two weeks depending on size of course. I don't know why you want to add marbles - just make sure there are plenty of drain holes and your medium is supplemented with perlite. I suggest you go here and at least learn the basics of growing - Good luck.

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