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  1. Ight so atm I am 19 years old and going to community college and were in the third quarter at the moment.

    So first quarter comes along and there's this one girl in my English class that's really cute and we kinda hit it off.

    Ever since first quarter I've seen her like almost everyday and I never say nothin to her cuz I feel nervous an I feel awkward as fuck. Her friends that are in that same class make fun of her out loud and shit whenever we're talkin bout relationships or someone brings it up. Haha it's funny .!

    Im changing schools in about two weeks cuz im transferring to U of Illinois Chicago so I won't be able to see her. What should I do?? Should I talk to her?? Should I give her my number need some advice.
  2. You see her everyday and dont talk to her? But want to give her your number before you leave?
  3. Do the electric boogaloo, that always gets the girl.
  4. [quote name='"paperxplanes"']You see her everyday and dont talk to her? But want to give her your number before you leave?[/quote]

    Yup I know its fucked up, i just don't know what to say
  5. Eh you're leaving, might as well move on. I mean it could work, but you know how those young horny college girls are :p
  6. make a move, even if you fuck it up you're getting out of there so no harm done.
  7. You're in a perfect position. If you wanna be sneaky, don't tell her about you moving and just go for it. Be real smooth for 2 weeks, take risks, make mistakes, in the end you'll have learned a lot. maybe you can even get lucky.

    Then just leave:wave:

    But if you have to play nice guy and tell her you're leaving soon then don't even bother going for her, you've missed your chance.
  8. Like jomo said.. if you want to play the nice guy, forget it. It's too late.

    If you wanna get laid, you've still got 2 weeks. It's a community college. Parties are abundant, find out where her scene is at and be there.
  9. If you're intimidated because you feel like she's too good looking to approach, imagine her with a massive zit on her nose. Usually that's enough to make you lighten up and act normally. You just have to remember that she's a human being, same as you.

    Don't psych yourself out man! Worst case is she says no and you both move on with your lives.

  10. hey bro just walk up to her say hoe call me i keep dis pimp hand strong tell her she has a beatiful smile n walk off
  11. I'm actually transferring march 20 is it too late to get laid?
  12. You've got one last weekend. Unless midterms for you are next week, you're golden.

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