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Some advice, preferably from women? Fk the friend zone

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by israelj055, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. So my problem is this. Women I'm attracted to always put me in the friend zone because I'm the "Mr. Nice Guy". It seems like they don't even know I'm attracted to them. So I usually end up having to tell her about it. Obviously I'm sending out all the wrong signals. What makes women realize a guys attraction to her.

    I recently met this girl she's kool as hell & so far so good. She even smokes yall. What is it that I need to do for her to acknowledge the way I feel?
  2. Ask her out on a date and let her know that you dig her.
    Girls usually put guys in the friend zone because guys don't tell the girl they like her, they just expect her to know. Newsflash, girls are not psychic. Just be straight with her and things will probably work out to your advantage (if she digs you too).
    Good luck guy!
  3. I just took your advice & told her. She was shocked because she didn't get that vibe when I first met her. She said she liked me too & were gonna smoke friday night. Thanks, if you have anymore feedback let me know
  4. dont be a good listner,ignore that bitch they love it!!
  5. Everybody knows that the "friend zone" is pretty much called the "ugly zone"

    Girls tell dudes "I like you as a friend" cuz they think your ugly. Way it is

  6. Not sure how you can get out but there are reasons to how you got in.

    -Shes not attracted to you. Simple as that.

    -You're too available. Example, texting/calling her too much. Always asking to hang out.

    -You're too nice. Meaning you have nothing else to offer, there are no other sides too you. Basically meaning she already knows you and theres nothing left to discover. I Guess you gotta be "mysterious". Try teasing them. Humor.

    -You have odd bodly language and you come off as awkward.

    -You dress weird

    -Youre just not that interesting

    -You're trying too hard/Not hard enough

    -You gave up
  7. Once you're in, it's damn near impossible to get out. I have been into this chick for the past week or so, we hit it off on a great level the first night I met her (through other friends during a small g2g at my house) the next time we hung out, I laid it all out there, told her I was intrested in her. Body language is really important too. Now everytime we're together there's a pretty intense make-out session...just be up front about what you want, it will work for you. Most of the time. Oh, and I also agree with the comment about making yourself too available... you always want to leave them wanting more, and don't come off as desperate.
  8. Missed one
  9. You've just gotta act quick. Flirting is key.;)

  10. I tell ya, to much, to much. Its like you have to be just right, in the middle. Women want to come up with just about any reason not to date you lol.
  11. Congrats! My only advice is to be you, don't be afraid to be yourself. And just go with the flow.

    Also, don't forget to smoke her out! :smoke:
  12. Also, she might be interested in someone else that got to her quicklier. And hes probably more bad ass than you.
  13. we like men who are unavailable. we like ego, and we like to work to become the focus of your attention.

    if you're not doing any of the above, try it. and dont talk to her all the time. make her get ahold of you.
  14. Kiss her tomorrow. That's what a Jet would do. ;)
  15. that shit always happens to me

    Women are not psychic this blows my mind :eek:

    lol someone sent me the exact same link when i posted my troubles with the friend zone

    well it looks like you are doing better than i did good luck to you sir :cool:

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