Some 200 deaths from marijuana? What

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    because its not true.

    They aren't overdoses they are Suicides, accidental and "All other" detahs.
  2. "Two of these deaths were reported as being induced, or directly caused, by marijuana (that is, an overdose). These two deaths, and the other deaths shown in this analysis, provide evidence to refute the claims that "no one ever died from marijuana."
  3. This is a quack set of stats that mean nothing, there is absolutely no merit to this at all.

    They don't even provide anything more specific than loose innuendo, and fishy numbers of suspect origin.

    In other words, it's not fit to line your birdcage with.

    I want to see coroner's reports that have been peer reviewed on those two deaths, btw. Anyone can tell lies about cannabis and get into print.
  4. They also state:
    which is not only a contradiction in itself, but tells me that alcohol is the factor here, not marijuana.
  5. It says Alcohol may have been involved. I stopped reading after that...
  6. Good timing Stowned :D
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    Wow. What an utterly useless report. "Other." "Accidental." "Direct." What do these terms really mean?? There is no info as to what constitutes any of these categories. Is someone getting shot as a result of a drug deal gone bad an "other" incident, for example? Or would that be a "direct?" Could be an "accidental" too. WTF?? :confused: Why is there no "prohibition" category??

    Proof once again that you can lead the sheep with a table and meaningless numbers displayed to suite your cause. How about some perspective and compare these figures with that of alcohol or tobacco?? Even if these numbers were somehow accurate, they would still pale in comparison to "legal" substances.

    Also, given marijuana stays in the system for weeks at a time, what is being constituted as a death caused by or influenced by marijuana? Given the large number of users globally, of course many people who come through a morgue are going to have traces of MJ in their system.

    Fear. Eat up the fear. Follow us sheeple. We'll protect you... LOL...
  8. That's some bullshit :confused:
  9. For God's sake, how can they expect people to believe this shit? They are really getting desperate.
  10. the sad thing is people actually DO believe this

    gullible idiots are the reason why marijuana was able to be made illegal in the first place and why its still illegal today
  11. The reason it's illegal is not because of gullible idiots. The politicians and special interests that lobby for prohibition know exactly what they're doing. It's completely intentional, it's not a mistake.
  12. Re-read your post and then decide if this lobbying would be possible without gullible people. ;)
  13. i believe most of the lobbying is done with green papers we call money. ;)
  14. Its government Propaganda. To over dose on marijuana you would have to inhale all the smoke out of a normal sized room in 15 minutes...which is physically impossible for a single human to do. makes me laugh when idiots in the media an government write these idiotic things :laughing:
  15. I understand WHY the government WANTS it illegal, but the reason that it IS illegal is because of gullible idiots.

    If 99.9% of the country thought marijuana should be legal and the .1% that wanted it illegal were the government, it still would be legal.

    but the government used false propaganda to get the gullible idiots on their side so they could outnumber the people who think rationally and want it legal.
  16. oh guys come on, haven't you guys ever heard of someone being stoned to death:hello:...haha!
  17. the people who have incentives to keep cannabis illegal for profit(drug companies) and other reasons, are indeed getting desperate. just like how a few days ago the media was all over the possibility you could get testicular cancer from cannabis, they know whats comming and theyre using every lie they can come up with to try to stop it. dont worry about this, just laugh at it because we cant be stopped now we have too much momentum.
  18. Common side effects to Strattera in adults

    * Sexual dysfunction (decreased libido, ejaculatory problems, impotence)
    * Constipation
    * Dry mouth
    * Nausea
    * Decreased appetite
    * Dizziness
    * Insomnia (trouble sleeping)
    * Menstrual cramps
    * Problems passing urine

    Serious Reactions to Strattera

    * Suicidal thoughts and actions:
    o anxiety
    o agitation
    o panic attacks
    o trouble sleeping
    o irritability
    o hostility
    o aggressiveness
    o impulsivity
    o restlessness
    o mania
    o depression
    o suicide thoughts
    * NEW Mental (psychiatric) problems:
    o New psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices, believing things that are not true, being suspicious) or new manic symptoms
    * Severe liver damage
    * Heart-related problems:
    o sudden death in patients who have heart problems or heart defects
    o stroke and heart attack in adults
    o increased blood pressure and heart rate
    * Serious allergic reactions (call your doctor if you see swelling, hives, or experience other allergic reactions)
    * Slowing of growth (height and weight) in children
    * Problems passing urine including:
    o Trouble starting or keeping a urine stream
    o Cannot fully empty the bladder

    Common side effects to Cannabis in adults

    * Euphoria
    * Relaxation
    * Inclination towards creativity and recreation
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    Serious side effects to Cannabis

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    * Serious inclination towards creativity and recreation
    * Serious increase in appetite
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    A total of 2 deaths it says were from overdose of marijuana... I call retarded information , maybe they had one too many crack hoots and blazed after to try to sooth it but they died anyways.

    The other statistics, as pointed out by numerous people in this very topic, are unrelated to marijuana. A suicide would not be triggered by having a few hoots..... maybe having some to feel less pain before the actual act, but blazing before a suicide... that would probably calm you out of doing it and you would end up watching sesame street on PBS. Or something like that...

    People are more motivated to do violent acts when sober or drunk. Not baked.

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