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  1. I have posted before about how rotten the final selection of seeds are from Soma's and how many packs you have to go thru to find a this is just a smoke report. I do believe that the stable of genetics over there is fantasic, just wish the package was filled with all viable stock and his practices were better. That being said...

    The taste on inhale is sour and immediately identifiable, and the exhale is pungent, cloying and coats the back of your throat in a thick pithy layer of Ruby Red Grapefruit. Very tastey weed. I use a silver surfer vaporizer, a majic flight lanch box and perc'ed Zob bong, and all hits are smooth grapefruit.

    The high is also as indentifiable, much like the Snowcap that was so prevelent here a few years ago, it's a 4 part distinctive climb thru layers of effects(snowcap's effects were different tho). This diesel is very consistent.
    Onset is all head, rushey and intense at first, then content, free feeling and somewhat 'blazed' in the face (that actually an old term that I don't see so much now, for the red stripe or 'blaze' on a face) and very intensly red eyed like with WW. The high starts out clear headed, and functional, conversive and social, but within 40 minutes to an hour you start to loose the ability to think...then 'duhhhhhhhhhhh' hits. It finishes with relaxed, mentally enforced downtime. No sleepyness, not tired, no body buzz or stone, just really enjoying the mental 'high' and not able to think your way into getting up really. Relaxing but not locking. I don't get the munchies on this and evening use is quite well suited to this weed. Anything that doesn't make me eat a bunch of Hagen-Daz at midnight is helpful :D
  2. Just try the regular sour D much better imo
    Im doing buddahs sister right now 3 more weeks till finished. everything has been going good so far...
  3. Yo Skunky, Good report. Did you grow your NYCD inside or out? If you're a seasoned grower was NYCD some of the best sativa you ever grown? This year I obtained NYCD seeds from Soma Seeds and was impressed with the seeds viability and the high and taste of this strain - for me, the best sativa I've grown. Your the first that I've seen in GC who has commented on NYCD. Very true on the taste and high. Sorry for all the questions, but one last one: Did your plants, especially after harvest, smell like a son-of-a-bitch (in a good way)?!
  4. I will probably never buy Soma's seeds again, but I will buy weed that someone else has grown out successfully, the NYCD is a really good smoke in a 4 course meal type of way. The seed packs aren't as good in viability as I would like. My recliening Buddah and Somango were the pits in viability but the product grown out was as good as the NYCD. The RB was cherry almond flavoured. I like other sativa's too, have to laugh at my efforts to keep a Thai under control indoors. This week I plant a round of Sannie's Killing Fields. Hoping for a keeper. Didn't keep any of the soma' Dieseled out about 4 years ago. like a vacation, you almost have to plan to use NYCD because of the distinctive layering effect it has, and it keeps me high for hours.
  5. how much did you pay?
  6. Did it look like this,? If so name your price, im in California, in the mountains. Diesels do FANTASTIC here!

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  7. Great report! :)

    The high you described is very similar to Purple maroc i grew last summer! Doesn't contain diesel genes tough. Kinda funny :)
  8. Maybe I'll try some of the Purple Maroc next!
  9. Why did I eat a bunch of b and js last my nyc diesel isn't even done yet.. lol

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