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  1. I found a bottle of soma in my medicine cabinet. What does it do? Does it have any recreational use?
  2. It's a muscle relaxant with recreational use. It feels like you are drunk but I think that the high is very short, maybe 1 hour long
  3. It's a muscle relaxant, and yes it does have recreational value, it will get you leanin like codeine
  4. So should I take it?
  5. What will it do to me? and how long does it last?
  6. thanks
    Does it also help you sleep?
  7. I'm sure it would, however I have no first hand experience with the substance
  8. Ok thanks.
    I also found sonata, what does it do?
  9. Sleeping medicine, like ambien I think
  10. So it would only make me sleep?
  11. Haha this is funny
  12. welcome back high school....
  13. lol! google these pills. somas i hear are good. ambien i wouldnt fuck with though.
  14. yes probably
  15. Hahah for sure. I remember my first time taking soma in class i took a couple and was pretty fucked up so i put my head down and then woke up just as class was ending.

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