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  1. The popularity of Soma Seeds has come about from one man's beliefs, Soma himself, a Rastafarian that believes in the medical contribution that cannabis can make to its smokers, and also believes in the sacred contribution the hemp family can make to the world as a whole and that by reinstating marijuana to its rightful position in this world, we can use its smoke to heal, but also use it to create paper, to create a renewable source of bio-fuel and use its vegetable protein to stop world hunger. With such dedication to the value of weed, its no wonder that Soma Seeds can produce such high quality, totally nourishing weed seeds that truly satisfy. We have two of their most popular strains back in stock and available again at Original Seeds Store.

    Kushadelic | Available in both fem & reg

    Somalicious | Haze x Lavender x LA Confidential

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