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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 27, 2006.

  1. well recently my dads been pissin me the fuck off and this morning i'm in an extra pissed off mood and he's not home, now my dads a big dude, big enough to easily hand my ass to me on a plate but i got a plan for today.

    i dunno when he's gonna get home, but i'll hear him pull in the driveway when he does. the way my house is setup is you walk into the door and along my livingroom wall, then you make a left and theres a gate for the dog and another opening into the kitchen. when you turn into the kitchen theres a TV right on your right and a table in front of you. he will most likely have both his hands full when he walks in. what i intend to do is crouch behind the tv and wait for him to round the corner and then pop up and bop that fucker in the face with a frying pan, hard enough to knock him unconscious or at least shatter his nose so his vision goes black. then after i chuckle briefly from the funny ass sound a frying pan to the face is gonna make, i'm gonna follow with a pummeling of fists, knees, headbutts and kicks

    hopefully the initial frying pan bonk doesnt miss, cuz i'm in for a fuckin beatdown if it doesnt

    i really hate my dad, if i could get away with murder i definitely would

    only thing i gotta worry about is gettin my ass beat or him callin the police cuz he's a little girl n pressing assault charges

    edit: upon further review perhaps i shouldnt use the frying pan, haha cuz that shit might kill him, which wouldnt bother me except for the goin to prison part, perhaps a ken griffey swing to the ribs with the louisville is more appropriate

    edit again haha: ok the baseball bat to the ribs is grounds for him to press assault charges to, so i might wait by his room n watch where he's at in the living room and then lou kang his ass over the gate, that seems alot more gratifying haha

    yet another edit: upon further review of the lou kang plan, theres a good chance i'm gonna smack my face off little lip that comes down for the entrance of my hallway

    and on another note i need to get back into martial arts, i was fuckin badass back in the day, black belt, one of the top in my class, i dont remember none of that shit now though
  2. Build bridges, not burn them. Why exactly are you pissed off at him.
  3. cuz he takes all his problems out on me and yells at me about stupid shit like how i dont talk to him, but anytime i talk to him he just acts like he's pissed off about somethin, and then he bitches at me cuz i stay out all day, i guess its healthier that i stay home all day and watch tv like he does, he goes to work one day a week and talks shit on me cuz i quit my job and was lookin for another one, i found another job, and he's tellin me that i cant have his car to drive to work and that i can ride my bike there everyday, fuckin punkass...

    also he's narced me out to the police several times and that to me makes him my enemy, who the fuck snitches on there own family
  4. Leave, bro. You're just about to sink to his level and assault family. I strongly advise you don't. Leaving is a much better solution.
  5. where the hell am i supposed to leave to, i got 500 dollars of court costs to pay off, i dont have a car that i personally own, n i dont even got any income as of now until i start my new job

    around a year ago i wasnt here, i was homeless but thats a little out of the question

    and i'm not a "i'm not gonna stoop to your level i'm better" person i'm more like a"you fucked me, i'm gonna fuck you" person
  6. Aight, then. If thats your descision, I respect it. Have fun in jail :(.

    I tried.
  7. Tape that shit if you do it.

  8. That would be pretty funny cept if the cops or your dad found it they could just use it against you in court
  9. bro, i feel you on so many levels. my mom used to beat my ass for no reason when i was a few years younger. she used to take my money if i ever had any. if she had a bad day, or if she was just bored, she would take it out on me. she used to try to make me give her my whole check when i worked. dont whup his ass, just whenever he talks down to you, call him a retard and give him a disgusted look and walk off, believe me, it burns em a lot more when you dont want to play their games. all i do now if my mom has shit to say is call her a pill popper and leave for a little while. if he puts hands on you, YOU press charges.
  10. YOU should have pressed charges the first time it happened. No one should have to live like that.
  11. So how did it work out neg?
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your dickly father. I was also into Martial Arts back in the day. Fun shit.

  13. haha!

    put a bear trap in his bed man
  14. I don't think I've ever seen that many edits in a post. I don't know if I was supposed to laugh at any of it, but I did.

  15. Same here, and I also lol'ed at the beartrap.:D
  16. nah, shes scared to death of me now. i should have, but i had too many things to lose if i would have called the cops. i was still a kid back then, i would lose my friends and my life. i just took it in hopes that it will get better, which it had.

  17. Thats a sad story, I hope ur doin good now...
  18. How about just.. leaving the house and never coming back. Honestly if you were in my house you'd be out faster than you could say.. something fast.
  19. nah i never runnin jump kicked him, haha i was jus pissed n wanted to post some ideas i'd like to do haha cuz thats just some ridiculous shit to do

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