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    It's gone again. This happened once before a long time ago and I forgot why or if I had to do anything like rest my browser to fix it. Any ideas? :smoke:

    Just realized search in general is down and remember that was it last time too. lol Updating the index or something?
  2. search and new posts are linked together haha

    and they both appear to be down
  3. Yeah, I believe the new posts button basically does a search for new posts using the regular search feature, so it makes sense that they'd both go down at the same time.
  4. Oh shit! Well, that's not cool. Reporting it now.
  5. A little info. On phone app the "current posts" button aka new posts button, still works
  6. Weird, dude!!!
  7. I love the new posts feature, I can barely remember how to browse through this website without it :p. Like last time I assume this problem will be taken care of quickly, especially since I can't imagine how the mods are dealing with not having a search function!
  8. looks like new posts and search are down again?
  9. Geez!

  10. its back now :)
  11. I think we have a gremlin! :p

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