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  1. Hi gc. I just switched to a 300w led light from a 19w led light. And my leaves are all pointing downwards now. Did the light cause this? I also low stress trained two top main stems today but i dont that is the cause. Thanks for any help!

    This was how they looked like just two days ago;
    And this is how they are today;
    They just look droopy compared to the picture from two days ago.
  2. Yeah of course. Last watering was nutes.
  3. I know sometime in her life u have.. i meant since this drooping has started have u givin her water.?? If not give her water till u get about 10-15% run off.. is her medium dry??

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  4. That's what gravity does.
    Your plants look fine.
  5. Oh mb. Since the drooping has started no, i have not given her any water. Last watering was four days ago before the drooping, which was a feed with nutes. First time i gave different brand nutes. Also if i water till i see runoff, the medium takes a week to dry out.
  6. You went from 19 watts to 300 watts. Back the light up a few inches or dial down the watts if you can. If you hit a plant with a new spectrum of light you have to get it used to it. For example instead of hanging it starting off at 20 inches away, try hanging the light 45 inches away for a day then slowly lower the light every 12 to 24 hours to the desired height to give the plant time to adjust.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Today it seems to look a tid better. Sypha for your question, last watering before her nutes was probably a week before that.

    Socalgreen I just wanted to say that actually from what I have read and personal experience, I seem to observe that every time with led lights there is a change in distance, the plant seems to get stunt growth for a few days. I thought the wattage might be the cause as well, but like I said they look somewhat better today.

    Once again thanks for all the help!

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