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  1. Rather than lying to your parent's you could always get a PO box.

    ...Or you go to any UPS store and let them know your name (Can be fake as long as it corresponds with the package being sent) and phone number you can have whatever you want sent there for a small fee. They will call and let you know the day it comes in.
  2. Parents shouldnt be messin with your mail anyways.
  3. That is why I threw in that second option.
  4. Remind them its a federal offense?
  5. lol funny but that shit wont fly. i mean, are u really gonna incriminate your parents?

    the judge would think its a waste of time and probably defend the parent i bet
  6. Im saying tell your parents its an offense to open your mail.
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    Not when you're under 18 and still living with them..

    And it sounds like the OP still is, cause who would make a thread about this, seriously.. ?
  8. Good point.
  9. yea i know......i was just imagining if it really went down
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    LOL that's exactly what I was thinking. Brosive, it's dumb in the first place to order smoking paraphernalia to your house, period. It's also disrespectful if they don't want you smoking. Third, the original plan wouldn't even work with the dumbest parents in the world, all they have to say is, "I'll just get the other mail and not open the package." LMFAO, then they see "Random Online Headshop"
  11. Do you mean 'Broseph'?
  12. Dude, you don't even have to go through all that trouble. Just simply go to your nearest postal annex or post office and tell them your address and let them know you are going to be "outta town" and are "expecting a package". Let them know to hold onto your box until you get back from vacation and can sign it over. Then just go to the post office and pick up your supplies.
  13. Ask your parents if they trust you, and if they say yes, ask them why they're compelled to open your mail.

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