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  1. I realize my question does not have anything to do with organics but this is the only place I post/hang out. I am curious if any of you know of a solution that can be used to soak trimmers in and just clean off with a rag. I am asking because I just bought a couple pairs of titanium fiskers. Normally I just use a pairing knife and scrape them but it dulls the trimmers pretty fast. In the past I would just buy cheapos and throw them away after each harvest. This time I bought quality trimmers and would like to make them last as long as possible. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

  2. isopropyl alcohol man, works like a charm

    just fill a cup to the point where the metal ends (unless they are completely covered in it, then submerge the entire trimmer), let them sit in it for a little, wipe clean
  3. Thanks "man".:wave:
  4. Scrape it off w a razor and smoke that shit.

  5. Either of these methods.

    If I used Iso to wash my scissors I'd evaporate the iso and smoke what's left.

  6. hell yea :smoke:
  7. I use very hot soapy water.

  8. rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips.

  9. Spray your scissors with "pam" what is used for cooking. It make for easy cleaning and trimming.

  10. My wife turned me on to that trick. +rep


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