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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SkunkWoodz, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. I'm not sure what the reason is behind the rules for the box. But I'm just going to suggest maybe it's time to implement the "SWIM" policy.
  2. wtf thats a horrible idea
    that shit is so hard to read all the time and get annoying
  3. SWIM policy is?
  4. Someone Who Isn't Me

    Basically fictional story telling. Here's an example

    SWIM went to a party and stole some coke.
  5. The SWIM thing won't solve anything, the issue is with talking about illegal drug use, and we have to follow certain guidelines to do so to avoid any legal repercussions. Using SWIM and talking about anything would still be a huge issue for GC.
  6. :rolleyes:That's not the point. It doesn't fool anyone. We can't talk about that stuff. That's why I don't get the thread about hypothetically stealing from a high school science lab.
  7. no, wont work. the topics will still be against the rules, and then posts would just be annoying in epic proportions
  8. Convincing a jury that when you posted using SWIM you were talking about somebody else is about as easy as convincing them that when you texted your dealer for an 8 ball of coke, you meant the soft drink.
  9. So "someone who is not me" will be breaking the forum rules?:confused:
    BTW, Blunt-man420 I love your purple rep:)

  10. No, the point was even if you use "SWIM" you're still breaking the rules if you asked a question about, lets say, dosage advice.
  11. It was hypothetical sarcasm, I think.
  12. Interesting...

    Generally with dosage advice I'll just use bluelight.

  13. Oh, well fuck me.
  14. I'm just not really sure if the mods/owners of the forum are trying to save their asse's or ours or both.
  15. Their's of course, it's a business. But as [reviously stated, do you really think a little moniker like swim will stand up in a court of law? It won't.
  16. Hell no. Solely because SWIM is annoying as hell
  17. Do you really think a prosecutor would try and use evidence off the internet anyways? Nothing on the internet would really hold up in court.
  18. We don't do that here.
  19. swim will not let you go around the rules and its one of the most annoying things a person can do on a forum. so give it up already rotawee, it aint gonna work

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