Soluble mycorrhizal and organic soil

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  1. I'm new to growing, and as most new growers I'm having some problems getting information . I was basically just wondering how much I should water my soil with the mycorrhizal. Should I use a little each time I water ? Or is it a very occasional watering

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  2. Ok - I answered to your other thread (only one thread is necessary) - but since I see here that you're in organic soil I'll tell you that you only need inoculate the soil once when the plant is very young. What you're using with the mycorrhizae product are fungal spores and these spores require root contact to turn into living fungus.

    It would be well worth doing some reading up on mycorrhizal relationships between plants and soil - it's such a cool thing. These fungal hyphae enter plant roots and as they grow a distance away from the host plant roots they will pick up nutrients from the surrounding soil and carry it over distance to the plants roots to assist in bringing nutrients to the plants roots -

    The plant in turn will secrete sucrose/glucose through the roots to feed the fungus - this the mycorrhizal relationship between plant and fungus.

    Once inoculated with your product, though, and especially in an organic soil the fungus will continue to reproduce on its own. Further applications would be a waste of time and money.

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  3. Posting twice was an accident . I appreciate all the info though I'll deff look more into their relationships.

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