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  1. Today will be my first time tripping alone. I'm taking two hits of some acid I scored at a festival, they are under my tongue as I write this. Should def be a fun day:D

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  2. 16 views no comments, wheres the love? Hah I'm off to the outside world anyways
  3. Haha, I've not even managed to trip with someone else yet, nevermind alone :p

    Have fun with it anyways, hope all goes well!
  4. Yea it is hard to find LSD where I live, so I usually just stock up when I go to concerts. This will be my last trip for a while and I am down to my last nug of weed also.
  5. Hopefully I've managed to find a connection for it, but I've found several before, and it always falls through, well, fingers crossed eh?

    Let us know how the trip goes :D
  6. Oh man, you are going to have a great time :)
  7. let us know how it goes :wave:
  8. Nothing but positive energy your way
  9. Man you must be tripping baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls.


    Congrats maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.



  10. Coming down off it now, was a fun day I dropped at 10 30 and it is 10 20 now so pretty much a 12 hour duration. My pupils still look pretty big but the main part is def over. Went longboarding, did some fishing, picked up some weed, chilled at my house. The two hits was a nice dosage, but next time I do trip I plan to maybe double it. Thanks for the good vibes:hello:
  11. Sweet man... Glad it went well :)

    I like trippin by myself sometimes... Take the dog out to the park, get some grub, smoke some blizzunts... That's a good day if ya ask me :)
  12. Coolness. I'm curious, how much did those two hits run you? When it comes to cid, people will pay up to a 10 spot for one just because it's never around here.
  13. yea they were ten a hit. out of the three times I have gotten it, only one person was selling it for five a hit and the other 2 were ten a hit.
  14. ive tripped alone a fair amount... its either great or terror.... i did 12 micrograms by my self one day... defiantly scary... but i dont regret it.. saw some shit i still doubt is possable lol.
  15. Yea I enjoy it alone or with friends, both have good aspects. I won't be tripping for a while so I enjoyed this last time.
  16. IMO, tripping alone is best, for me at least. I feel sooooooo much more comfortable by myself than with others and I feel nothing can go wrong because I am in control and there is nobody else to worry about.

    Solo tripping FTW!
  17. Yea true you can control what you do but with friends it is fun to talk about crazy things and laugh about everything that happens. Next time I want to trip shrooms alone tho
  18. Yeah it's good for those times you are looking for a spiritual/insightful trip, whereas most of my friends just like to play video games and do other boring shit instead of go outside and witness the beauty that surrounds us all.

    It sucks not having anyone to talk to and share the experience with. I've been trying to convince my friends that tripping outside is amazing. They don't seem to understand
  19. That's cool that your trip went well! I enjoy small doses of shrooms and toking with my friends sometimes, goodtimes laughter will bring. But its weird when I'm tripping my ballz off and giggling/almost geeking and everyone else is kinda tense or more serious.

    I feel you man, I feel more "paranoid" sometimes just being inside or it not being as fun as being outdoors, where everything is. Shrooms didn't naturally grow in your room or house.
  20. I enjoy the outdoors a lot also when tripping, I usually board around for a while then find a chill spot to smoke a bowl.

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