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Solo smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deepthree, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. I was just wondering what you guys like to do when you smoke by yourselves. Not what you do after but what you do when you're actually smoking.
  2. I'll chime in here as I'm trying to get my mind off my upcoming hair test (freaking out).
    So you're asking what people do when smoking, but not what happens right after?
    In terms of how I smoke, I usually go with the bong. I just pack a bowl and rip it. Can you explain the question a little more?
    Afterwards, I sit back and start drifting into deep
  3. I burn alone about 90% of the time, my wife does not smoke.  At home I use 1 of my 3 bongs.  When I'm wondering about in the mountains, I use 1 of my many pipes.  I don't like to smoke paper.
  4. Whenever I do smoke, it's either alone or with my dealer. It has been about two years since I last smoked with anyone besides my dealer; and when I smoke, I always use glass.
  5. watching a random youtube video.  then i go to whatever's recommended on the side and next i know, it's been 30 minutes and my vape is burning hot.
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    I usually smoke joints or from my pipe and when I'm alone I turn on some music as I smoke up then let the high lead me to whatever I do. I rarely smoke with other people because I prefer being alone.
  7. I smoke alone 80% of time, and 20% in the weekend with some friends that smoke too.

    But I prefer to smoke alone
  8. I love smoking alone but its rare I ever get to. Usually theres a friend or friends around and or a girls or girl. Whenever I smoke alone I take a warm shower, watch something funny on TV, make random dank meals, and I just think about my life lol.
  9. Light a fine cigar, drink a quality beer or Scotch, play some guitar and watch the clouds roll by.

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