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  1. Just want to see where my tolerance level is at compared to others.. how many bowls does it take for you to be stoned. AND With dank.
  2. I smoke 3 to 4 bowls a day for about 12 years
  3. I'm taking about the solo lol
  4. One bowl on solo between me and my woman gets us both stoned. I only smoke the dankiest of dank. Not all danks are equal. Some have 15% THC while others hav 25% and similar things with CBD's. Harvest time and cure time along with shelf life.

    Really comparing you to others is like apples to oranges because everyone is going to be different. My tolerance is huge but that doesn't mean it takes a bunch to get stoned.

    Just means I can only get so stoned. lol. But the flavor is sooooo good I just want to keep on vaping more and more!
  5. 1 usually gets me stoned, but I almost always do 2, just so it lasts longer

    3 and I'm 8 feet tall
  6. If its the first bowl of the day just one. Two is always fun though, and if I've already been vaping a bit that day two is really better.

    I do love how much I can conserve. Packing my LSV is tgempting because of how blitzed I get, but I feel like I can have a satisying sesh in the solo with just the most ridiculously small amount possible.

    A solo bowl for me is easily the third of what I put in my LSV.
  7. You can conserve in the LSV as well, but it takes a LOT of will power.

    It's kinda like, yeah, I could putt around at 30mph on a deserted highway in a Hennessy Cobra, but..........
  8. Same here compared to my DBV. I was packing .25-.3 in the DBV for each sesh, but only put .1 for each Solo bowl. I think sometimes your eyes want more than you really need, so you overpack when possible.

    I conserve alot more with the Solo, after a bowl and I dump the ABV, its literally a pinch. I've been getting 4 bowls for every .4-.5 nug, which is about 1 days worth.
  9. Hell yea man i think this might be the best vape for conserving weed.
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    Not really. My Purple Days bowl will only hold 0.025gr and I can get 5 hits from that one bowl with the first two being really thick.

    The size of the bowl is one of the major indicators of how well a vape can conserve or not. As an example, I used twice the amount of bud in my DBV and LSV than I did my PD and one of the main reasons is the size difference of the bowls.

    Same goes for the Solo. Efficient, but not quiet as efficient as the PD.
  11. Yea those log vapes conserve like no other, of course there are disadvantages for every vape, biggest being heat up time for the log vapes, but they're designed to stay on 24/7

    I don't doubt that number, .025. I've weighed several Solo bowls, .08 to .12 is what I've gotten at best, not even close to a PD
  12. Some of my finest dank will get me super ripped with 1 bowl. but the lesser dank, 2 if I want to get super ripped ,and 1 for a regular high.

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