Solo cup sog grow

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  1. Doin a solo cup sea of green from seedling grow 7 18oz cups two cups in front full of water for humidity 3 26 watt cfl an a reflector pic of both of my grow boxes white one is veg red is flower but gonna do whole grow in red box

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  2. cool setup. what strains?

    im subbed:smoke:
  3. Their bag seeds didn't wanna be too mad if half die lol about two sprouted gonna give it another day then gonna plant will update pic one a week
  4. Cool sounds good. Yeah its always a good idea startin with bagseeds. Good seeds are so expensive now....sheesh. 15 bucks for a good seed (without shipping, etc.)

    Lookin forward to next pic update :D:wave:
  5. Update week 1 only 4 sprouted so not really sog grow any more other two never sprouted down to 4 but lookin good a little stretch but added more soil prolly gonna let it veg another week then start flower

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  6. I'm subbed. Always like to see solo cup grows, and a sog too.
  7. subbed. I was thinking of doing this for my next grow.
  8. Subbed looks similar to what i got goin, im limited on space, i got one 3 gal pot and im startin a perpetual SOG in solo cups, check it out links in the sig.
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    Update: switched them last week from 24/0 to 18/6 plan on pruning the roots Friday an switching to 12/12 Saturday this is 2 week so will have veg for two weeks total started light lst on 3 the 4 is kinda slow grower but hey one you never know what to expect from bag seeds all of them are healthy just been giving them plain distilled water when they dry out cheap grow temps maintain 75-80 never higher or lower for the most 2 32 6500k bulbs an one 32 2700k bulb I am adding more lights just have to go pick up y splitters been using the straight socket to outlet adapters an they take up so much room this is pretty much an experiment grow gearing up for grrower's party cup competition was trying out some methods but I will be following thru on this grow to see what happens

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  10. If you can do a party cup grow,you can do anything lol :smoke:

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