Solo cup size plant. Help please

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  1. So I was ignorant and can only blame myself. I had to shut down my closet grow due to the repair man going in my closet to go to the attic space i thought it'd be nothing to move what i could in a smaller box in the guest room and i had 2 more left that were small. I had room in my flower box so i went for it thinking they would need to age more so wouldn't flower well a supposed 2 days has turned to 1 weeks 4 days and when i checked all pmants i notice pistils coming from my silver haze. Granted it was 6 weeks old itself but I accidentally stunted the growth so i assume i stunted age too. I have more plants so I can't help but to laugh but will it harvest earlier, will it still drink allot, how much do you think i could get, should i LST and/or scrog. Its literally the same height of a solo cup. Fun little bonsai and won't effect my mood but I know better now. Its under 460 watt LEDs meant for 1 plant. In a L12" × w12" × H2' so ya its a small growbox but again meant for 1 plant although theres room for this little girl

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