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  1. Ok I'll start with my initial question which is: has anyone had any success with a small solo cup scrog? Like 15-20 small pots put into flowering? I know it's possible to get a
    Plant to flower in a small pot but is it a waste if time or would the fact that there's so many be a decent outcome ? I want to try and speed up a cfl bagseed grow. I had success with one plant in a 5gal pot in my growbox and this time I want to try to get a little more or if not more the same in a shorter amount if time. My original idea this time was to have two 5gal in there or 4 smaller pots. But the initial problem is that sexing the plants is gonna be a huge pain in the ass cause I'm gonna have to either flower them for a couple weeks then reveg which I don't wanna do or take clones and 12/12 them in another growbox which I don't have to find out sex which seems like is gonna take way more than two weeks. Then I thought just letting them grow, LSTd and wait for preflowers. But they might be root bound or sick before that happens. I also don't want to be 'transplanting up' plants that may be male. I guess I just need some
    Kinda plan has anyone had this situation? I am unable to get fem seeds or autos at this time so I'm trying to figure this out. Any help
    Or advice is appreciated

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    Well, I have 3 cabs, 1 for vegging, clones and mothers and the other two for flowering. I currently have 16 plants in solos that are about to get flowered, and once I'm at full strength I should have about 60-70 small solo plants on the go at any given time.

    If you have space, IMO SOG producers more bud per watt and per square foot, and you can harvest perpetually. Each plant take less than to grow so in turn you get a few extra harvests each year. A SCROG takes too much time to fill up the screen

    I have my girls in 16oz cups and all of them are anywhere from 3-8" tall, and will end up just a bit shy of 20" when they finish the stretch

    Depending on your strain they will show sex while vegging. I've had to toss a few males that were on a 18/6 schedule

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    So you think I should just veg and lst them
    All in solos and then weed out the males during flower? It's bagseed so I don't know if they will show any preflowers or show sex in veg. That was my original idea as in I got like an ounce and a half off the one plant , and I thought I could get that off many smaller plants with very little veg time. My worry is that they are gonna be root bound. Do yours ever get root bound with 16 oz pots?
    Thanks for the response!
    The Dank Knight
  4. My one plant I had , had a screen but it never really reached scrog like status. It was more of a way of low stress traing actually.

    The Dank Knight
  5. I don't really know what the effects of being root bound are, but when I pulled my males I looked at the roots and it wasn't overtaking the cup or anything, if I had started flower I think I would have been good because after the first week roots are done growing.

    I throw my babies in flower today or tomorrow so I'll let you know in a few weeks lol

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