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Solo and the draw resistance.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by SiDankies, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Just to start off.. I am new to the Solo so maybe this is just because mine is new. Also i have 4 holes in my stem and use no screen because i feel using just glass is clean.

    Anyways i feel that it is very resistant to take hits off of. I get huge hits dont get me wrong but i feel like it pushes people the wrong way. Is there any way to make drawing from it not so difficult?
  2. I don't think the hard draw resistance is going to be avoidable on the Solo. :wave:
  3. The resistance is mainly due to the design of the Solo. If you look inside the heating chamber there are 4 small holes that allows air to flow through. Something that will help is getting a new stem such as the PVHES Turbo. This will improve the airflow slightly, but keep in mind due to the design there is only so much airflow you are going to be able to get. Don't necessarily look at it as a bad thing though, the Solo wouldn't be able to keep up with a fast draw speed. It limiting the draw speed means it gives thick hits often and it virtually impossible to pull too fast, so there isn't much of a learning curve at all.
  4. You're getting thick hits because of the resistance.

    I got one of eds stems when I got mine. No resistance at all. No vapor at all either =/.

    Be glad of the resistance, a portable can't get a good battery life easily with constant fasst drawing convection heat.

  5. Exactly, the heater in the Solo just can't keep up with a fast draw speed. I'm curious though, is your Solo the older model or the newer model? The reason I ask is because even with a PVHES stem there is still a good bit of resistance. I know with the older model the stems wouldn't fit as snug and perhaps some air could be coming in from around the stem, making it seem as if there was no resistance.
  6. I have the newest model, and my PVHES still definitely has some resistance. In fact, I've never tried the stock stems so PVHES's resistance is all I know.

    However, I got one of Ed's TnT stems with it, and that has no resistance. It also fits very tightly (wouldn't fall out if I turned it upside down). So while I agree that PVHES has resistance, eds tnts are tighter fitting and are a mesh screen alone, and really have none.

  7. I have heard good things about Ed's stems, but personally have never used one. Thanks for clearing that up. Personally which stem do you enjoy using more?
  8. PVHES without question. I got Eds to replace the stock stems in hopes it would be better, Id heard great things. But it ruined my first experience with the solo. Went through about 4-5 bowls charring my bud, not getting high, and wondering how I was producing little to no vapor while finishing a bowl. I'm no idiot when it comes to vaporizers either, I've used supposedly harder to use vapes with ease.

    Once I got the PVHES stem, its a new world. No charring, even vaping, decent taste, actual clouds. The resistance difference is night and day, as is performance. I still think my solo may be a bit cool, but it works well from 5-7.

  9. Looks like I will be sticking with the PVHES stems then. I'm surprised the Ed's stem was that difficult to use after so many people praise it. I suppose with having no resistance the learning curve starts to play into affect then. Glad to hear you didn't let that ruin your Solo experience though.
  10. I'm clearly a minority, but the stem was also clearly the issue in my setup, so I'm not sure how else to explain it. I'm very glad I stuck it out too! Couldn't ask for a more trusty portable
  11. Looks like at least it worked out Heos

    I'm a big fan of using the stock equipment and adjusting from there, heck I'm still using the stock stems since April, the draw doesn't bother me

    Some of you can also modify the stock stems to make it have the little channels the PVHES stems do, FC has more info on that, specifically which blade to use with the dremel
  12. Thanks for all the input guys! One last question. Well actually two haha.. 1. So the PVHES takes away a little resistance, but does it not give the same hits? 2. Is there anywhere else to get PVHES stem besides PlanetVape? They are out of stock and im from the U.S
  13. Nope, the PVHES stands for planet vape high efficiency stem, so only planet vape

    You can modify your stock stems with a dremel, FC has info on that, don't know off hand

    The PVHES will take away some resistance, but in theory the heater will have to keep up more, so either you'd have to wait slightly longer between hits, or slightly less battery life. Of course thats in theory, in reality it probly doesnt make a difference

    Those stems are like $20ish plus shipping, so $25, or buy a stock stem for $12 shipped through puffitup and mod it yourself, your choice

    The biggest difference is just small slits going up and down in the bowl area for more airflow, not hard to do with the proper tools

  14. Cool thanks man!
  15. They're in stock on PV, depending on which one you wanna get. There's extensive options, Id double check which one you were looking at.
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    I've had the solo since July. This vape is a monster 8)
  17. I have an old model that has 2 bent stems with only 2 holes each stem.....and yes mines pretty loose... But that combined with the 2 holes means perfect airflow in my opinion. But yea id just be happy there's resistance put there for u lol
  18. Ya man I def am accustomed to the resistance and I love it. Besides it has improved since the first times.

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