solo adventure idea?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by laidbacksmoker, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. hello GC.

    i would like to just get up and head out somewhere new..

    brand new everything..

    i wouldnt mind letting everything go.

    would just like to iuno? find myself?

    any recommendations for places to go and see?

    with as little money as possible..

    i wouldnt mind hiking//camping//

    surrounded by the forest//ocean//mountains..

    fishing//hunting//working for food.

    i just want to get away from everything..

    maybe for a couple months in the great outdoors?

    really wanting to head to europe and see how things go..

    ideas? thoughts?
  2. Buy some bear spray and don't die. Sling up a hammock at Yosemite or something.
  3. work on a organic farm in another country. WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a website that has listings but you have to pay to access country's info. if you search around the web (Craigslist volunteer section) you can find listings.

    Dont pay to work at one of these places. you would be suppressed but people pay $500 a week to work.

    if your working on a farm they should provide room and board.
  4. 6 Easy Steps to enjoy the Great Outdoors
    1) just find a couch on craigslist for free
    2) go to the mountains
    3)place couch in the mountains cuts not to far from road
    4) buy a QP and trek to your couch spot and smoke.smoke.smoke.smoke.........
  5. Wwoofing is defiantly a good idea. I'm about to woof in Hawaii and Canada to try and learn new things about growin and living in nature. As cheap as it gets too, just pay forthe ticket and they'll feed u and everything

  6. wow.. i will indeed be looking into this.

    this will definitely give me the chance to be out somewehre new and learn new things.

    have you done this? or know anyone thats done this?

    wwoofing in hawaii nd canada?!

    that doesnt soulds like a bad idea at all..

    when are you planning on going?

    nd have you done this yourself before or would this be your first time?

    i wouldnt mind being in the islands.

    nd woult i also have to time to explore the islands or am i stuck in the farm?

    thanks for replies.
  7. where are you from first of all?
  8. I'm goin in the winter to a farm in pa in the mountains. They only expect about five hours of work five days a week and the rest ofthe time is urs. Can't wait to go to Hawaii tho :). You can woof all around re world

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