Solis Tek 10K Mh Bulb Review

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  1. I've been running a Solis Tek 1000w digital ballast pretty much since they came out. I've found it to be an excellent ballast, and was aware of their 1000w MH 10K bulb. I used it on my last crop during the last 2.5 weeks. The top flowers got 1.5 weeks of the 10K, the bottom flowers an additional week.I can say without doubt that the 10K bulb significantly increased aromatic turpen content as well as resin production. These were the same strains that I've grown many time before and the difference was obvious.Another advantage is that the 10K bulb really increased the quality of the bottom flowers: they were denser, harder, more substantial flowers than in the past.I also got the largest yield that I've obtained to date last crop using the 10K bulb. Can I attribute this solely to the 10K bulb, no I don't think so; but I'm convinced it was a significant contributing factor, and the increase in quality is plainly evident. This bulb is off the charts in UV and blue light, while still producing significant amounts of red.This round I'm using it during the first (transitional) week of flowering, as well as the last 2.5 weeks
  2. Why during the transitional period?
  3. This light is also designed for the vegetative stage as well as a "finishing" bulb. During the first (transitional) week of flowering, the plants are essentially still in a vegetative state while they produce sufficient hormonal levels to induce flowering. What I've found this round using it during that initial week of flowering is significantly increased branch growth and robustness.Bud

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