Solipsism! Disprove it for $1,000,000.

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  1. Not really, because I'm not paying you anything. I don't buy into this theory at all, but it's so, so damn fun to talk about. Stoned or otherwise! I remember learning about it my freshmen year of college in psych...prior to starting smoking...and my mind was blown.

    Look it up online or share what you know about it.

    Basically, EVERYTHING consists of ONE mind. Your mind. Mind and body? Oh no, it's all your mind. Everything is your imagination. Your "body," your clothes, your house, friends, family, job, school, car, personality, every interaction you have with anything is purely created by your imagination. Everything you see is all that exists. Right now, all that exists is the computer screen and the room you're in, all you can see, that's all that exists.
    Walk outside, and now that's all that exists.

    Everything you see on TV isn't real, but you're mind, the only one mind, has made it up.

    Me? I'm a figure of your imagination as well. You? My imagination made you up. But we both know that we're the only mind, and the others is a creation.

    I love chatting about this and sharing the mind-splosion. Even the part where people are like hey, stfu, that's dumb.


  2. Well...... it's true lol, not from the individualistic point of view, but in the sense that we all share the same causal body as the Creator to a more or less degree, we're all experiencing one big "God's dream". You can touch and feel everything in your own dreams, and truth be told there's an infinitude of things possible in waking state that can also be done seemingly only in dreams.

  3. lmao that's just like the episode of American Dad I was watching last night with "the goo" where they get in it and go on vacation by having it projected into their head.
  4. sorta like a video game u move into the world in now renders the environment
  5. Kill yourself.

    If you are right then I will dissapear.
    If not you owe me $1,000,000, so make your testament. (I'll send you a pm with personal details so you can leave the money to me)
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    i n c e p t i o n


    Your my imagination.

  7. I guess that has to do with our essence in general. We are all subject to laws, physical laws, natural laws, even metaphysical laws, It seems like we are all sharing the same dream, and it looks that way because all of our spirits are conscious of things, and in dreams, it seems we are conscious of things. And it because of our consciousness or awareness, that makes everything seem like a dream. It's only natural because of how everything came together, and how our lives were made.

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