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Solid proof how the government is worse than scum. & Why I won't join the military.

Discussion in 'General' started by The innovator, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Just saw this article and it's absolutely shocking to hear. Even if you're a lazy fuck and don't want to read you're already on this thread so might as well learn the truth.

    'This generation's Agent Orange:' New registry to tally, track burn pit illnesses among vets - U.S. News

    A little background info about agent orange: Just by breathing it fucks you up. It completely mutates your body physically (internal and external) and mentally. This can also be spread to your kids when you have them. SO your kid might be born with just one lung or something messed up. It can also stay in the area for years. IT BLOWS IN THE WIND MOVING around and can hurt people miles and miles away who don't even know about this. etc.
  2. my brotherwas in balad for 2 years...hmm...

  3. Hopefully this didn't affect him. But if it did at least he can do something about it now.

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