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    Hello again  grasscity,
    Had some free time and wanted to show whats been up and going with the co ops indoor grow.  Only running 1 600 watter ATM but am going to pull out more again soon. IDK if anyone remembers my old thread, been busy this last year with the outdoor season and running the co op.  For those that don't remember, I am a fully legal grower that caters to wounded warriors.  I am former Army, disabled in the line of duty, and grow out of both love for the plant, and to help fellow brothers.  Between my members we have a silver star, 3 bronze stars, I believe we are up to 14 purple hearts now, a navy cross, and over 2 dozen combat tours.  Needless to say, I couldn't be helping a better bunch of brothers.
    Testing some strains out, but having a fun time doing it.
    I run fully organic super soil, fed AACT teas, and no sythetics or chemicals.  Works very well for me, and my patients love my meds. 
    This cycle is 9 plants.  8 are from seed, 1 is from clone.  The from seeds were created by a breeder from breeders boutique named hemlock. 
    5 dream lotus x liberty hazes.  Didnt get a keep phenotype this time.
    2 c4 caseyband x querkle x critical sensi star -- really gotta come up with a name for it..  Still out if one or both will be keepers.  Next cycle is going to be mostly this strain.  hard to tell from pics but its pretty purple in the bud itself, and is going to yield and finish quick.  She is very sticky, smells of pine, blueberry hash, pepper, and fruit.  Previous runs were amazing. 
    1 dream lotus x sensi star.  I have 8 untested more in veg, this one was quite large and took off so she got flowered this run.  Shes...well...amazing.  Fruity pebbles smell, total crystal coverage, very sticky.  Stellar genetics :)  Defin a keeper
    1 oregon skunk from clone.  This one is a local strain I picked up here.  It vegs nicely, tight nodes, and is the furthest into flower.  Sticky, decent crystal coverage, but sadly is odorless thus far.  Not planning on keeping it around henceforth.
    Plants are in 4 gallons, which the exception of the Skunk, its in a 6 gallon. 
    Heres some bud porn :)
    Dl x lh day 35 from 12/12
    DL x SS day 35.
    CB x Q x ss

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  2. :wub: beautiful! you bred them yourself?! Outstanding!
  3. no they were bred by a marine friend of mine who breeds from breeders boutique.
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    CB x Q x ss
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    From 2010?
  6. no...I had been posting last November when I was show casing some LEDS for growevolution
  7. Oh OK, the photos have 2010 stamped on them.
  8. oh lol.  was using my GFs camera guess she doesn't have the date set correctly. 
    Nope they are from now, currently in my tent stinky up the joint :)
  9. Figured that was the case since the day and month were correct.
  10. We are at day 37 snapped a quick few pics of the Oregon Skunk and pheno 1 of CB x Q x SS. Its starting to really fade, looking to me like its gonna be ready in 2 weeks or so. Gave it one last shot of AACT last night, and gonna let nature run its course. I can't seem to capture it with my sorry camera but the bud is all nice and lavender purple. My GF says more pink then purple but looks purple to me lol. Its going to be some mighty fine medicine.

    The Oregon skunk is going to yield nicely, and be sticky, but I don't plan on running it again. Its a quick flower time, but I don't like to grow strains that don't reek, and this strain simply doesn't have a strong smell. Its a great healthy strain, just not my cup of tea. I expect it to be ready soon. It would prob be an amazing strain outdoor and I plan on keeping a mother of it going to have clone variety for patients and the dispensary.

    DAY 37

    CB x Q x SS pheno 1

    Oregon skunk
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    That yellowing is awesome! Not sure but all the trichs here are turning amber and the leaves are staying green here. Beastie Bloomz was given about 2 weeks ago, flushed today once more and waiting for the smart pots to dry on the bubblelicious and Cream Caramel. 3-4 days out from hong kong phooey on them ladies.
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    Picked up some new strains today, pretty happy about the new genetics.
    South African Durban poison
    Kandy kush - Reserve Prada
    Sour Tsunami- high THC phenotype
    lucys lion AC/DC- test report showing 18.1 % CBD 1.2% thc
    Sage n Sour
    Cinderella 99
    Just little babies now, but good genetics are always welcome.  I have done Kandy kush before...hopefully this is a better cut of it.
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  13. If you got a few minutes I will throw a couple pics you may like.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    by all means :)
  15. 2 x Bubblelicious and buds followed by the 3x cream caramel with bud shots. harvest is a waiting for the smart post to dry out after final flushing today.

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    How many weeks into flower?  I would prob give more time, then again, I let everything go long.
    looking good though!  nice and crystally
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    autos, first pistils showed 2 SEP. i think she was a viable plant on 8 AUG. All the trichs are pretty cloudy other than a few news ones but that happens. Both plants are couch lock by nature, trying to get them on the top side of the THC. The are considered 60 day plants and are turning fast. I will keep an eye on them and really have no problem to keep feeding them water to the end.
    I am anxious to get the room privately for the papaya photofem. it is an ass pain going in and out of the small space they have in the GL-60. Plus she is now too big for the 30 gallon garbage can to keep her dark for a few extra hours since the autos were doing 18-6.
    That happy frog potting soil has me sold on it being soil for dummies! vegged the Pappy for 8 weeks with no nutrients. just threw it on 12/12. So as the autos lifes come to an end the Pappy is in mid-life and wants her space.
  18. Ah ok.  I have never grown autos, so don't know much about them. 
  19. finickey things but save you about 3-4 weeks. Loki has a Help with Autos thread if you ever give it a try. he is very smart on them. Biggest advantage is no need to 12/12 unless you want but expect a weak yeild if you don't do 18/6 or 20/4 or 24/0.

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