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soldering iron

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by briwes911, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. so ive heard i can use a soldering iron to smoke outta my bong with.... i went to lows and this is what they had... which one will work?

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  2. Find one with a ceremic core. Thats what part youll use
  3. Using it as a lighter would probably torch your bud, man. I can't think of any other reason you'd want to use a soldering iron to smoke with a bong.
  4. I think it's the poor mans way of having a ceramic coil core without spending 80 bucks. Buy soldering iron, find ceramic coil, save 70 bucks. That's assuming the coil is 5 bucks, which it's probably not. Anyone even know of where to buy a ceramic coil for a soldering iron. Never seen one before.
  5. The thing to look for in a soldering iron for weed is a ceramic heating element. Soldering irons without ceramic heating elements take a lot longer to heat up before they can be used and from what I've heard they taste worse when used to light pot.

    I've also never seen or heard of any non-Hakko brand soldering irons being used for weed with the exception of the pricy Herb Iron (really better to just get a vape at that price.) So although none of the products you have pictured in your post really fit the intended use, it should be easy enough to find one by searching for Hakko irons.

    EDIT: When I started writing this post there were no replies and now there are 4 ahead of me... probably got sidetracked vaping mid-post again.

  6. lol its all good homie ill just stick to my lighter lol i was just shoping at lows and i figured id take some pic and ask lol
  7. coo ive
    used the wick befor lol i ordered a vaporizer.. it was a cheap box vap from eBay it worked about as well as trying to steam weed... it ether didn't heat up enough or it burned it...... i am going to ordre my fre hemp rite now.. i love free shit
  8. Cool bro, glad to help. Peace

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