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    Hello, this is a D.I.Y. vaporizer I "whipped" together.
    • Old soldering iron
    • Long flat head bolt with diameter similar to soldering iron tip
    • Washer
    • Funnel from a cheapo hip flask
    • Pickled onion jar
    • Plastic cup
    • Small plastic tubing
    • Epoxy


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  2. Cool idea but make sure you aren't breathing in any of that epoxy. Inhaling adhesives is never a good idea.
  3. Not gonna lie, its a pretty cool idea!
  4. i gotta say that, tho i i have nothing against homemade pieces, if offered a hit from that i would tell you to put the bowl in another piece. nothing personal its just that the chance of the creator of the vape, whoever it may be, missed a tiny amount of solder that got melted onto the tip is so unpredictable that i would turn it down.

    i have to say tho that you are the first person i have seen to actually go all the way and build one, many people just talk about it
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