Sold my car to my friend, then he stopped hitting me up?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Mar 8, 2016.

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    I sold my car to a good friend for $400, someone else offered me a better deal, but I did it for the homie.
    Now he doesnt even hit me up anymore.

    I gave him money to blaze one night, asked for a ride home, and he said no because he had to give his other friends a ride..

    The next day I offered him money to blaze again. Didnt text back, but later on I saw him that night.

    Keep in mind I would always smoke him out, give this nigga a ride everywhere and I always hit him up to chill.

    Is this a true friend? What should i do? Thanks in advance.

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  2. Fake. Cut 'em off man. I've dealt with so many people like this it's ridiculous. Save yourself the trouble of worrying about it.
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  3. Thats what I was gonna do. He doesnt even have a license so Im hoping the pigs catch him

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  4. Well, if he's stupid like some people are, he'll be driving with a tail light out or an expired tag with weight on him. People like that might as well have flashing neon sign over their cars saying "Arrest me!"

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  5. I wouldn't b so quick to judge, could just be busy. If you getting serious vibes like that i agree you should cut ya losses. Seems like you already know the answer yourself lol. Who could knows the situation better than you?

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  6. Yeah hes always blazing with my friends every night, so im sure he just doesnt want to pick me up, give me rides or anything. I'm not the only one who feels this way..
    my other homie said the same about him as well.

    It just sucks i thought he would chill with me more often because I gave him a good deal.

    Not having a car sucks. Lesson learned, dont sell a car for 400 dollars

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  7. no clue about the friend, but that car man, at that price maybe hes just busy AF with the copious amount of work one would naturally assume to come with a $400 car...


    NVM Kids a dick, id say fuck em and carry on...
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  8. If it is a good friend come out and ask
    Hey man whats up
    See what they say
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  9. Trust me bro hes always hanging out with my homies. Its all good though I'll just cut him off

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  10. Its okay, im moving next week. Its been months and hes the only one who never asked me to hangout.

    Now i know who NOT to invite at my welcome back party

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  11. Friends are like bugbeds
    Everyone has them at one point or another
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  12. Friends come and go.. I don't even worry about that anymore they not paying my bills or making me money.. It's good to have real friends but nowadays everyone so fake you just gotta worry about yourself

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  13. Just move on.

    Friendship is really just a business partnership disguised under the veil of kindness. Customers come and go.
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  14. Better yet have no friends who needs them in this tech world anyway
  15. ah man.. I hate these double posts. Makes me look like a spammer, lol

    We need a delete post button.
  16. Do you have a spare set of keys
    Move his car around the corner every time he parks it
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  17. Not really, it depends on the friends. If that's how you think I feel a bit bad. Do you follow the same belief to people who consider you as a friend?
  18. Well I suppose you could say that I do have a couple of good friends who've been loyal to me for years.. and I've always given back every time I was given. Of course, good people are kinda rare I think. I've been let down more often than not. Maybe that's just my experience
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  19. Honestly, in my whole life, I had friends as a kid. When you grow older, everyone isn't meant to be your friend. Money over everything and you underselling your car for him is a huge life lesson. Stay ahead and do you and if you do have other friends, don't let them play you like that. Move on from this ass since his broke ass will need a better ride soon anyway.
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