Solar Six reflector?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheDutchMasters, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I placed an order at, and instead of getting the Euro reflector, my order was "upgraded" to the Solar Six reflector.. anyone ever use one? I cant find a link to one anywhere. :confused:
  2. Bump.. I cant find this reflector anywhere.
    Just trying to make sure my order didnt get downgraded.
  3. Did you get any new info on the solar six reflector? I am was getting ready to order a couple of the euro reflectors as well and found your thread. If they are still out, what can I expect from the solar six? Are you sure it wasn't the easycool 6 they have on their sight? I didn't find anything on the solar six, there or anywhere else on line? Could you post a pic and report back on how it works?
  4. i just ordered two lights with euro reflectors and they came as i expected
  5. Would you mind letting me know what you think of these? I am trying to decide between the euros and the easy cool 6 reflectors. I don't get the price difference? The euros do look like they have a narrower footprint, that is all I can really see? Is this the difference? I also wonder how the air intake is on those euros, it looks like where the socket mounts, the intake holes are more like really wide slits? And how the hell does the power cord stick out? On my lights, the socket, has a metal housing on the back with 4 screws and wingnuts that I assume would attach to the bracket on the reflector, but the power cord is oriented on the bottom of the housing, so I am wondering if it is just bent and then comes out of the flange? Does that make any sense, am I just overthinking this? I am sure it works fine, my lights are the HTG 400 watters with the batwing reflectors, and the euro is an upgrade option for them. I am sure it is fine, just want to hear from someone with some experience though, ease my mind about blowing a couple hundred for 2!:D

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