solar panels?

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  1. Looking for any info on what solar setup I would need to run one 1000w bulb and one 640cfm fan. Any help appreciated...
  2. basically, u need a shit ton of them. :)
  3. ^this. My buddy looked into this to. It was going to be about 20k and it was only going to cover the 1/3 of regular bill. Waste of money

  4. a friend of mine worked for a solar company and its a much better idea to sell the energy you harvest. You can sell if for 4x what its normally worth because its from a renewable energy source. at least thats how it is in canada
  5. not in the US... they give you a credit on your billing cycle... i know a guy who found out the hard way

    honda sells a hydrogen generator that runs off water and a small solar panel... pushs 6k watts max... so about 4k watts all day

    runs 30K dollars... and you have to install yourself... or find a licensed contractor...

    its about the size of a fridge... works super awesome... but like previously stated, you only get a credit for any back charging into the grid...

    i would like to get one... just for a grow...
  6. Solid info in this thread.

    Solar is highly overrated because most people don't realize how expensive it is. It really only makes sense if you're in a house you plan to be in for the rest of your life and it produces enough energy to at least take you to a lower billing tier and provide some (but not a lot) savings.
  7. I use 10 LED rigs and I live in Alaska out in the middle of nowhere. In the summer we have light 20 hours a day.Solar might work in my situation but my god ,panels are high.
  8. Mabee a wind rig.
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    why not just diy your own soler panels u can find tuts all over for that?

    wind energy might work since it will run day and night i think it is cheaper to

    106$ per one he says
    part 1: [ame][/ame]

    part 2: [ame][/ame]
  10. You could always have an outlet or two, independent from the main power source, to hook up to the room(s) you wish to use. Then you can fly under the radar, as your utility co wouldn't see how much is used on those outlets. Just a high idea, but I'm sure it's possible. Like other's said, they are expensive. I want to get a wind mill. That would be sweet. Not exactly under the radar, but it would be so clean, man. :)

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