Solar hits

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  1. I just tried doing this today and its amazing. I did not expect it to be any different from smoking but it is more like a vaping smoking hybrid. I did this with my dubble bubber and it was so smooth and the taste is 1000 time better. Gonna be doing this a lot more often. I recommended trying this if you haven't. I remember there being a comment someone used as their sig about how cool it is that a ball of flaming helium and hydrogen a million miles away is lighting your bowl. that concept is blowing my mind right now. :smoking:
  2. Always wanted to try it. Did you just use a regular magnifying glass?
  3. Thanks for the thread! I just did it!

    Way not what I was expecting. I can't BELIEVE how much cleaner it tastes... Butane is for real!
  4. Solar toking is my main way to smoke bud. It's so pure tasting.
  5. where you get your magnifyign glasses from
  6. I tried it once and couldn't get right technique down and it never worked, gonna have to pick up another magnifying glass and try it again though.
    Sounds like it is legitly better.
  7. :smoke: yeah it does taste really good . u all must try it for urselfs
  8. I got it at a swap meet for $1. It works like a charm.
  9. I've been convinced. I'm gonna try it out.

  10. I thought magnifying glasses were like staplers and never have to buy one cause there is just one already laying around the house.

  11. I made a thread about solar toking a while this the quote someone had in their sig? That'd be amusing.

    Still my favorite way to smoke!
  12. I used to do this with my pipe. Made the bud taste SO amazing :)
  13. im so trying this next time its sunny out. anybody have an opinion on how it compares to the ceramic tip soldiering iron method?
  14. I keep forgetting to try this..:eek:
  15. Don't have any magnifying glass :/ I will stick to my hemp till I get one, sounds sweet. I'd imagine the taste would be the same as a glass wand
  16. hell yea its something everyone needs to try. It gets you higher and you can taste your bud so much better
  17. I remember we were hiking in Yosemite one time and my lighter got wet. Right before i was going to give up my friend says " Amazing idea! Use these!" and takes off his glasses and uses them to light the bowl(They were prescription glasses that kinda looked like aviators, they are his back-up pair he didn't want to risk his regulars while hiking)

    Hahaha Good times

  18. The taste is the same as using a ceramic heating element, but I'd say it's easier to ride that pre-combustion vaporization edge with a magnifying glass than a soldering iron. Plus it's way less dangerous feeling. I never enjoyed wielding a red-hot wand that seems like it would melt your flesh in an instant while I was high, so I just use my Hakko for soldering now.

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