Solar eclipse

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  1. Idk if anyone has asked about this already but is the solar eclipse today gonna mess up our plants outside ?

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  2. Nah, they re-scheduled it for tonight, so won`t make a difference.
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  3. No sir, it wont last long enough to affect. It from 1 to 4 and most of north america isnt going to be fully covered. and will still quite a bit of light. between 2:10 and 2:35 will be 85% covered in Canada.
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  4. Lol, rescheduling a solar eclipse
  5. Nobody cares about canada...
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  6. Im sorry we grow better weed :<
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  7. Haha, I live right next to your border, we used to get weed from you imported, but that was over a decade ago.

    We grow better weed than you, and it's proven by testing. Your country can't even move quick enough to keep up with the changing times.

    But I'm sure you think highly of your "country" lol.
  8. at one point in time I would say yes. I remember getting some of the best I've ever gotten, about 15 years ago, from canada. But now what I grow in my basement puts that shit to shame! lol. I do have some outdoors as well that are about 7 foot tall! Just remember, even though I live close to canada as well, I always blame them. blame canada, just because.
  9. Ok cool thanks

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  10. I live within 45 minutes of Canada, weed is pretty good but there's a big difference in the people. As soon as I leave Michigan, it goes from a bunch of dickheads to the nicest most pleasant people around.
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  11. Is anyone at the Vulcan in Birmingham for the eclipse? Yeah buddy

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    Picture of my garden at peak of eclipse where I live in the ozarks [​IMG]

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    Looks about like any other slightly overcast day except sky was clear
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