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  1. switching them on manually as my smart plug keeps glitching and I don't want to risk it.

    Been scheduling 10mins per hour near mid cycle , x3
    Early flower/preflower but noticed pistol tips look singed
    (My main light is kingled 3000w with co2 bag) raised up around 60cm also.
    What's best height for the uvbs to avoid negative side effects/play it safe?

    Currently raised up to 60cm/matching my main light

    Thank you guys

    Your support is highly appreciated
  2. Welcome to the City.
    I keep my UVB lamp at 91 million miles above the plants. Give or take a few feet. :)
    Sorry I couldn't resist a bit of a smart assed remark.
    I grow outside for the most part but do a bit of inside veg.

    Most people run the bulbs even with the general lighting, around 12 to 24 inches from the canopy. They can be used as close as 6 inches (reduce time) or as far away as 6 foot (increase power and time). If you have an unusual situation, just call and we can give you basics to start with. The lamps can be run in a single continuous cycle, say 4 hours in a row, or you can split it up into two sessions. Some people like to pulse them, running them 10-15 minutes every hour. The extra power makes them very flexible. All tests have shown CBD to remain the same or increase a very small, insignificant amount. They show radical increases in THC production.

    Their site cover the use fairly well and searching the web for "Tanning bed lamps-Cannabis" will turn up some gems of old school growing. It is still basically a Fluorescent lamp and they can be run as close as 1 inch away from plant tops. Standard, HO (High output) or VHO (Very High Output). I use High Outputs to veg under as close as I can keep them without touching lamp to plant leaf. As near as I can tell these are not HO based lamps so not all that bright.

  4. you got some cool gear, bugbee on YT has recently been on about the wonders of UV that we have long suspected helps us in so many ways, look it up

    one piece you may want is a PAR/umol reader, cheapest currently is Migrow and the latest, will allow you to set the 3k light with ease, avoid Bugbee's it costs a bomb

    you light should have 'far red' onboard that will suffice for your op, as with the floro UV's will only crowd the place, but then again I use UV-b to cure the trics in the last 2-3 weeks in winter

    Again, you are probably looking at one lamp/fixture for every one to two plants, depending on the strain you are growing, and how close you want to get. Obviously sativa plants are larger and bushier than indica plants, so it takes more points of light to cover them. A room with 100 plants would need 40-60 lamps at a bare minimum. Keep in mind, the goal isn't to cover every square inch of the plant, just to cover most of it of it with UV and rotate when you can. The farther the lamp is from the plants, the more plants it covers, but the weaker the UV will be.

    How much weaker? The inverse square law applies here. It says that if you double the distance from the light to the plant, you reduce the UV power by 75%. The power drop is exponential with distance, so closer is better. This is because it isn't just casting light in one dimension, but two: width and length, or put another way, the X and Y axis. For those of you are that are nerdy, here is a diagram that explains this: Cannabis
  5. Stand clear from uvb in your grow. Better, much easier, less risk with much higher output options are available if you’re going to enhance or fix your spd. I highly recommend focusing on a True Full Spectrum spd before bouncing around to wavelengths that have huge Gaps between them. FullSpectrum: no Gaps from 400-740nm,balanced/weighted for horticultural use will way outperform anything using a uvb additive. Especially when used properly.
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  6. Best distance for uvb is however far your garbage can is away from your plants.

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