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  1. I'm on the look out for a good light and was wondering if anyone had any feedback on the Sol 4.

    I'm looking to grow 4 plants. I can't afford seperate lights for veg and growth and the LED's will save some on electricity too. I've read good things about LED's and personally I feel it's the best option for me.

    The light is putting me over budget, but it's something I can live with. So long as I can grow a few of my own strains and cut out having to buy my weed from dealers then I'm good to go.

    Is this a good light for my intentions or am I going to need something bigger for 4 plants? What is the plant limit for this light does anyone know?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I use an apollo 600 watt hid, it's perfect for four plants. you can go with the 400 watt option as well to save money or the 1000w if you have some cash and want a huge crop. With the apollo 600 and 5 plants i got about 13 ounces from a 4x4 box. These kits come with the veg and flower bulbs, haven't had a bulb burn out yet, been using them since august. Don't forget lights come with heat and depending on your setup will probably need to have the heat exhausted.
  3. Sorry lol i just woke up and apparently i didn't fully read the question lol. i'm thinking your going to want more wattage for four plants but i'm not an led expert.
  4. How big is your grow area? I have a few of those under my bed, they are not bad lights even though the company doesn't really seem to know what they actual compare to. I mean one minute they will tell you that they compare to a 350W to 600w hps and then they will say they compare to a 400w to 700w hps with regards to par. Anyway... I have tried using (2), (8) plants in a 6 x 6 and had terrible results, but then I tried (1), (1) plant in a 2 x 2 and had pretty good results. So I think there 3 x 3 coverage is way overstated. Now I just use them for vegging because I don't really have the time to figure out where their sweet spot really easy. I mean it's a complete waste of my time trying to get a set of lights to perform the way I need them to perform and the way they state they should perform and don't. But I would think if you are just going to use a 3 x 3 grow area you could get away with using one light, but in my opinion you will still need some supplement lighting to allow your plants to grow to their full potential.
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  5. Just looked it up, it covers a 3x3 area. little small for four plants, i'd probably do 1 or 2 under that light.
  6. For the price of that light you could buy 3 or 4 hid's.
  7. Do you have any links to some HID's? I wasn't really looking for them, but given that this seems like a poor choice of light for my budget I would go HID. At least for now.

    What worries me with HID's is the electricity usage.
  8. Ah, thanks for the response. If I could get a large yeild from 1 plant it would probably be ok but I'm a n00b at the moment and I expect my first crop to go belly up ha ha!
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    Damn, that's a sweet price! I might look into this for my first few grows. Although, I can't find any in my country at all online (UK).

    May I ask, what's your electricity usage like? I know this is probably a question and concern that gets asked but be good to hear from the horses mouth :p

    Edit: Looking at calculators online I'm looking at about $40ish a month, not including the extractor and fans. Doesn't seem too bad.

    Many thanks.
  10. a 600 watt box costs about 25 bucks a month to run here. i don't know what energy prices are where you are though
  11. 15p a kilowatt/hour over here. I think that's about 28 cents in US prices.
  12. When i started my box up i didn't really notice a difference on the power bill, unless you have a good sized grow it won't be too bad.
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