soilless mix question

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  1. I want to make a soilless mix for growing some autoflowers by dinafem..
    would a mixture of coco coir, vermiculite, limestone, and worm castings work?
    in what what ratio?
    when would i have to supply additional nutrients to the mix?
    i've been looking at similar things to this but nothing exactly like this so i was just looking for a little insight on the matter
    thanks for reading

  2. It depends on your water source and yes you need nutrients for soilless once the plants are mature enough. If you're using ro water you won't need anything but ph perfect nutes in coco. If it's from tap you will need ph up or down depending on what your water does when the corine has evaporated. If your tap is over 300 ppm's you should get an ro filter. You can grow bud woth over 300ppm on tap but it's not recommended.

    If you want to go in coco go straight coco and perlite 50-50. Vermiculite holds water and thats counter productive imo. In soilless you want to water as often as you can when the time is right and cofo dries out fast. That way you are supplying fresh water and nutrients and rinsing the salt buildup off. You want to get about 30% runoff. Limestone is going to take your ph up and coco is usually near neutral so thats not good when you want it at 5.8-6. Lime is better used in soil grows or if you're having acidity problems in peat. Worm castings are always good though so go for it with those. Mix a quarter cup to a gallon of medium, you can do more if you want it's hard to overdo it but the more you add the soggier your coco will become.

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