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  1. I want to make a soilless mix for growing some autoflowers by dinafem..
    would a mixture of coco coir, vermiculite, and worm castings work?
    in what what ratio?
    i've been looking at similar things to this but nothing exactly like this so i was just looking for a little insight on the matter

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    yes that mixture of coco vermiculite and worm castings could work. You want %10-20 worm castings, %20 vermiculte and perhaps washed rice or buckwheat hulls? a better drainage material than vermiculite because it holds way more air. The most. 
    Then the rest is coco... you want to add some calcium carbonate and perhaps calcium sulfate (gypsum) at a rate of 1-2 cups per CF. The point is that when you are shovelling and turning the soil mix (and it is medium-moist) you want to see that it is not clumping, and the shovel seems to go in and out quite easily. Without a lot of "friction". The movement of a tool through soil will be similar tot he movement of water as well as plant's roots. And calcium has a really important role with movement of things through organic material
    It will be really good if you can also add a few "food" ingredients in the soil for worms from the castings to begin breaking down. This will eventually supply your plants with all the minerals they need to thrive. 
    hope that helped
    you can substitute coco for redwood. its cheaper if u know where to get it in bulk and allows for massive roots to grow. add some vermiculite with it and you have a winning combination. i wouldn't even mess w/ EWC if your going soil less. 

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