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  1. I tested a slurry of my Soiless mix to see where it's at and it was high 7's. I want to add Esposa Organic Soil Acidifier which is derived from Elemental Sulfur and Gypsum. I'll add a pic of directions, call me dumb but whatever, I didn't pay attention in school so for this part I'm lost. I have about 5 gal of Soiless mix, with a couple qts of Amendmants/ additives. How much should I be adding to get my pH down to 6.2-6.4 ? Or what should I do if there are other better ways to achieve this?

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    Phing every water would be how you would achieve a balanced ph. That acid loving plant nutrient will work just have to be careful. If used in excess it'll give you a ph swing that'll do more harm than good. I don't ph my organic grows however I hardly ever give plain water. Majority of the time I'll use light teas or organic waterings that'll automatically lower the ph of water used. Depending on what stage of growth high 7's isn't ideal but isn't detrimental either, mid to late flower it's okay.

    It's only a issue if plants are showing being effected by ph.

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